• Public Bathrooms

    Public Bathrooms

    The bold and colorful use of glossy candy-coating design gives the space a bright and lively atmosphere. The hotel grade bathroom fixtures are highly convenient while the counter provides 24-hour shop services where you can purchase some basic products.

  • Self-Service Laundry

    Self-Service Laundry

    Backpacker customers ceaselessly aim to simplify and lighten their luggage for higher mobility and fun! Orange Hostel Chiayi provides self-service laundry (coin operated laundry machine/dryer) and ironing facilities that save on laundry time for more relaxation and fun.

  • Social Lounge

    Social Lounge

    The spacious and comfortable lounge is a great place to chat, read, watch sports, play board games, and more. The space also provides interesting books so travelers are inspired to explore great places for food and fun.

  • Balcony Area

    Balcony Area

    The french windows introduce natural light to the relaxing and comfortable lounge area. Follow the revolving doors to the outdoor balcony that provides a view of the bustling Chiayi markets to the central plaza. Enjoy the green park and a rare moment of serenity in the city.

  • Tea Room

    Tea Room

    The American kitchen-island style tea room includes a microwave, oven, electric pot, refrigerator, water machine, beverage cabinet and more. Travelers can also enjoy the fun of handmade snacks and smoke-free cuisine.

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