13 Sep.2018

Taiwan Trip – Backpacker Accommodations Special

In your travels, we simply want to make you feel at home.

Exclusive collaboration between Orange Hostel Chiayi and “Taiwan Trip – Salt Country Coastline”. Starting today, redeem vouchers from the Taiwan Trip Manual at Orange Hostel Chiayi to enjoy discount pricing for one night in Chiayi backpacker guestrooms.

The beautiful coastline of Salt Country includes the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, Dongshi Fisherman’s Wharf, High-Heel Wedding Church, and 3D Color Village for you to visit during your journey. Enjoy backpacking on a whim in a journey through Beimen.

Event Details:

  1. Each voucher is limited to a single use.
  2. Vouchers are valid until 2018/12/31, expired vouchers are not valid.
  3. This voucher can only be used to redeem or receive discount; the voucher cannot be exchanged for change or cash.
  4. An additional fee of NT$200 is required on weekends and national holidays.
  5. The executing unit reserves the right of final interpretation for rules of use.


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